Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Going Home

      Hallelujah, Thank You Baby Jesus!!!!! Today I get to go back home after 10 grueling weeks of SCAD Boot Camp(so much damn drawing). 5 solicited weeks of well damn deserved rest(I'm so damn tired of drawing props in a class room hours at a time)and time to draw stuff that wasn't in a classroom(seriously you absolutely have no comprehension of how tired I am of drawing props in a classroom at 3oclock in the morning). 
            So I know I haven't posted much of anything related to SCAD artwork(believe me there's plenty to show), and I originally planned to keep you guys updated on a weekly basses, but things just got rolling and the computer room in the dorms are always so damn packed that I just opted to wait until now. So here yah go folks a taste of the crap I've been doing since September 16!

1st SCAD Drawing EVAH

 More to come later


                   Hope You Enjoy!