Sunday, March 31, 2013

Drawing Challenge Day 23: Wise Old Man

Mei Pai from Kill Bill 2(You know why)
Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 22: Formal Wear

Hope You Enjoy
Day 22 Complete

Drawing Challenge Day 21: Steam Punk

Actually thought this came out pretty well
Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 19: Ethnic

Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 18: Pleasing Scenery

Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 15- Cartoon Style

Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 13: Something You Want

          Something You Want(Strawberry Milkshake from Chick Fil A)
                                    Hope You Enjoy
                                 Day 13 COMPLETE

Drawing Challenge Day 11: Place To Visit

                            Hawaii is a place I'd love to visit
                                     Day 11 COMPLETE
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 10: Anything

Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 9: Something You Dont Like

                                       Hope You Enjoy
                                 Day 9 COMPLETE

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drawing Challenge Day 6: Favorite Book

Day 6: Favorite Book, The Great Gatsby
Read the book last school year in my American Lit class and I must say it was a good read. Can't wait to see the movie ( Leonardo DiCaprio was a damn good casting decision)
Hope You Enjoy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drawing Challenge Day 5: Favorite Food

Day 5: Favorite Food( I LOVE Johnny's New York Style Pizza( Ask anyone they'll tell you I a pizza whore) best pizza around).

                                                                     Hope You Enjoy
                          Day 5 COMPLETE

Drawing Challenge Day 4: Best Friend

Day 4: Best Friend( Hope I don't get killed for drawing him)
                                     Hope You Enjoy
                                      Day 4 COMPLETE

Drawing Challenge Day 3: Doodle

Day 3: A Doodle with a little Chris Sanders thrown in.

Hope You Enjoy

Drawing Challenge Day 2: Favorite Movie

Day 2: Favorite Movie- Looper. I know What the hell happen to the rest of them for the last 2 weeks, well in my defense I thought March was going to be a laid back month but that didn't happen. Had to do all this dumb retarded work for my Lit class that took alot out of me(Macbeth is so dumb) and had a project due for my anatomy class last week.  Dont worry I have drawings done(Not in order) and I'll be posting them pretty soon(some are taking more time than the others). But for now

                    Hope You Enjoy
                Day 2 COMPLETE

Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge Begins...NOW

What's up everybody how's it going(I"M SO DAMN TIRED)!? I'm proud to say that of March 1st till March 30th I'll be taking part in the 30 Day Drawing Challenge!!!What's that you ask well little billie( seriously I'm losing my mind more than usual cause of the lack of sleep I've had this week so bare with me and the attempt to be funny) well the whole idea of the challenge is to draw something everyday whether is unbelievable detailed or extremely simple just DRAW.
       I'm really happy to do this because I learned about this thing  maybe two years ago and I really wanted to do it but for some reason I never did it. Just because the challenge says draw everyday it doesn't mean draw randomly everyday(which isn't a bad thing) it means that everyday there will be a new subject to draw about per day and to start it off its draw "Yourself"
Let me just say this does not truely represent how I look(Second time I ever tried to draw myself).
I'll post the Day2-9 drawing next week until then
Hope You Enjoy