Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Graphic Goodness

     Happy Holiday folks! I've got something special for you guys, wanna guess what it is( just read the title)..... yep you guessed it GRAPHIC GOODIESSSSS!!!! It's been awhile since I've had anything graphic related and since I've been on break I realized there some stuff I did almost a year ago that I never posted( what a shame). Well folks here some magic.
           Top one is a design I did for a contest and the goal was to design a poster for a fictional event. I wanted the design to be simple and clean, but yet somewhat dramatic. I think the green on black look really makes the design pop and the floral brushes I used gave it a nice touch of nature. The image in the center is a photo of my soon to be future ex-wife, Emmy Rossum(Mmmmm that woman).                                                    
 What I love most about playing around in Photoshop is all the cool ass design tricks I end up making up. For example these three are all products of a design process I've made up & I'm lovin how smoothly rendered they come out lookin. 

                                                                                      Gotta show that (Deep River) Utada Love. This was the first image I used when I started to experiment.

           Well lovely folks as always
                                    Hope You Enjoy

Sunday, December 1, 2013


     It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmmmaaasssss!!!!! How was everyone Thanksgiving? Can't believe today is the first of December with only a few days left of 2013(Damn time sure did past by).

 So happy to be back home for a bit to finally get some chill time before I go back to drawing boot camp( and draw some more damn still lives), but before that let me share with you guys the wonderful( exhaust written) stuff I've done for the past three months at SCAD.
First assignment in drawing class was to sight and measure(it's a fancy art trick) some random objects.

A still life assignment using contour lines.
Perspective drawing of the front of the classroom(still not great at it)

 Another damn still life but with value...VALUE!!!
Our teacher had the brilliant notion to do a Halloween themed still life in class(yay for us) sadly this had to be done in charcoal and some stuff called conté(that crap was not fun)
This was my final drawing for the class and part of it was to write a quick story that included at least three of the objects you drew in it( this was the best part out of this whole assignment)(I'll post the story for you guys soon)).
                                      Out of all the projects we did in my design class this is the only one I'm proud enough to keep and show you guys cause the rest were pure crap(I hate having to do abstract art), but the whole point behind the design was to show equivocal space(equal positive & negative) in the design.
        These drawings were for a design project involving animals transforming into architect(as you can see I'm not show that shit storm). Part of the process was to draw some of the taxidermy animals we have in the school as inspiration ( the weirdest thing I've ever had to draw)do you know how creepy it is having dead heads looking at you?)).
I loved how the beetle(which was my animal I transformed)  came out & I kind of find it ironic that I drew the scorpion on my birthday(damn that inner scorpion in me).
Hey remember what I said about the animals being the weirdest thing I've ever drawn(yay you member) well I take that back; figure drawing is the weirdest thing to draw( I don't particularly mind drawing women(for the obvious reasons),but drawing dudes is just odd) .
 The first four done in blue were drawings done from my first figure drawing class ever.

                                                                    This one looks deformed(especially the boobs)
 Getting better


                                                       Much better

                                    Some faces of the models.
 Only had two minutes to draw these poses so expect missing limbs( I'm slow okay)

Not happy how the tattoo came out(and the lady had some pretty intricate looking ones), but I do like how the face turned out.
            Well hope you guys get a kick out of this because there is plenty of more stuff I have to share with you guys but until then
Hope You Enjoy