Thursday, January 24, 2013

Artsy Stuff

I really haven't posted much concerning my art class( to much drama to take from that teacher) in the last few months so I've decided to start posting more from the class and to start it off here're some pieces I did last semester.
Inspired by “Conspiracy of Silence” By Agnes Cecile. I wanted her crying while looking borderline broken in the rain.

Heavily inspired by a piece called “Against Odds”. I really loved the whimsical aspect of it and it's an element I wanted to have in my piece, but with more bright & colorful.

  I approached this piece with something cinematic; to get the idea across I colored the top and bottom black to give it a widescreen appearance. Heavily inspired by the idea of grace from the movie “The Tree of Life”. I wanted the hand to look graceful because the mother(Jessica Chastain better win a damn Oscar) in the movie embodies grace.
         Influenced by a photo of actress, Golshifteh Farahani(HIGHLY attractive woman). Her expression was calm and poised and yet sad; what I wanted to do was capture that same essence of beauty and sadness.   

Also this semester in Art me and my other classmate are starting to work on the section of our portfolio called a Concentration(12 pieces focused on a certain theme) and I've taken the liberty to tackle visual interpretations of the album "Exodus" by Utada Hikaru(you must know by now how much I love this woman). It's going to be a very amusing project so I'll be posting all the work in progress drawings as the project progresses(Lets hope they come out great).

Hope You Enjoy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Influence Some Spark

How's it been everybody and welcome back to Highly Animated 2013( YAY!!!), and to start off the FIRST POST of the Year(Excluding the last two) I wanted to talk about INFLUENCES. For I awhile now I've had this overwhelming feeling that I've lost "MY STUFF". The stuff that inspired me to draw things that I wanted to draw not things that my pretentious art teacher wants me to draw or including pieces that colleges want to see in my portfolio; it feels like I'm drawing for everyone except the person I want to draw for( Can you guess who that is?). Just a couple of weeks ago I couldn't even remember how to draw something that I've drawn so many times; I swear my skills are just regressing.

     A way I thought could help me reconnect with all things inspirational to me was doing this little number called an "Influence Map"   
If you have a Deviant Art account than you already know what this is but for the little lads&lassies who don't this is a meme created by fox-orian and it's a great exercise to enlighten yourself about..well you. There are plenty of things that inspire me, but this is just a fraction of influences; so lets start down the list(in no particular order):
10.) Film Directors

Because there are many reasons why I love each of these people I'm going to do some posts completely dedicated to each artist and why I love them ( be expecting that soon).
Check out their art, tell me what you think and last but not least
Hope You Enjoy

Sunday, January 13, 2013


                Today is my crazy lovable dog,Blue's Birthday!!!
Ironically It's also my Grandfathers Birthday too
Happy Birthday

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


                 Hope You Enjoy Highly Animated 2013!!!