Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Year!

Wow I just realized that it's been a whole year since I started Highly Animated!!!! I'm really glade I started this blog because it really helps motivate me to draw frequently, and experiment. So all I hope is to get more stuff here for this year and share my journey.

                       Hope You Enjoy The Next Year

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Summer Dump!

Well first off let me say Hello! How was everyone's summer vacation? I had a pretty decent one, went to see some movies(Ted, Prometheus, Avengers, and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES), got so much needed rest(Oh  how I miss it) went out of town to Tennessee(that little adventure is a completely different post I'll get to) and most importantly I DREW YAY!!!! Now before you click on the "Read More" let me say sorry for the complete desertion on my part, after working so hard on projects and finals I was pretty much wiped out, so this summer was devoted to chilling out and just drawing for the sake of it. I planned on posting this last week, but last week was my first week as a SENIOR(OH YEAH!! WORD TO YA MUTHA) and that was hectic as hell so yeah......Here's a boat load of drawings I did during the summer

 So this summer I had this unbelievable crush on this actor, Emmy Rossum. Oh my God she is Beautiful, a beautiful smile, beautiful Face, beautiful voice I just had to draw her. If you have no idea who she is (like I did) watch this show called "Shameless".
These are some color pencil study drawing I did because I have such a hate for them that I need to improve on.


Fun fact did this while watching "Breaking Bad" marathon(I'm obsessed with it OK)

As you can see I like Power Rangers(There's not much to say..... except Samurai Sucks alot) 
I was so excited to see Prometheus that I ended up doing some alien/ Sci-Fi related stuff

Funny that I drew this on July 4, the same day I saw Prometheus, but any way a whole lot of nothing mainly a Catwomanish drawing done in ink.
I love how the woman's face came out cause I was in a moving truck when I did this listening to the "Exodus" album by Utada, the structure above was somewhere near the airport that I tried to draw, and the faceless model was done the day before my Senior photo shoot for the year book.

One of the drawings I did while I was in Tennessee (A story for another day)                                           

These where also done in Tennessee, but I used this book called "The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head" a wonderful book for different head shapes and shading. After I saw "The Dark Knight Rises"(Watch it DAMN IT) I had to draw something to get my Batman GEEKINESS out of me.


                                  Hope You Enjoy!