Saturday, April 20, 2013


I Am Proud To Say I Have Been Accepted into the Savannah College Of Art & Design to study Animation(HELLS YEAH BITCHES). I'm Really Proud of myself for this amazing accomplishment and knowing SCAD has been my Dream College Since the 8th Grade(yeah it's been that long) is immensely crazy to me.

   Now I know you guys might assume that I'm automatically going  to SCAD but SCAD was'nt the only place I applied to. I am also very proud to say that I Have Been Accepted to Memphis College of Art(MCA) and The School Of Visual Arts(SVA) which is all the way up in NEW YORK FREAKIN CITY(How Awesome is That!?).

           It's great to know you get accepted into one school but its sure damn rewarding knowing that you've been accepted into multiple places giving you the option to choose which school you want to go to for a good ole edumacation. For the last 3 months(Oops I forgot to mention I found out back in February(Just did'nt want to say anything until know))I've had a real hard time deciding which place is THE ONE and at this point I'm gonna have to decide where my commitment goes to, is it my dream college SCAD, Is it MCA(at this moment NAH) or Is it SVA(This place is really lookinn good too) it's so damn hard(WHY DAMN IT WHY). Well I'm gonna have to choose at this point so I think I'll be making my final decision by Sunday(DUN DUN DDDDUUUNNNN). I feel wherever I choose to further purse my education I'll be completely satisfied with my decision.
                                    Hope you Enjoyed
      Stay Tuned for the Exciting Conclusion to this Nail Biting Saga

Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge Ends Now...FAILED

   So you remember that whole month of drawing challenge I said I was going to take( you member right?) well I tried my best, but in the end I failed. I'm really disappointed by the fact that when I started this challenge I was under the impression that the month of March was going to be a real laid back month but in reality it was a busy ass month(and I mean Busy). Week after week there was always something happenning in one of my classes; projects rangeing from Anatomy, Brit lit and Government(I hated each and everyone of them) so because  I was too tired to draw each and every day I was only able to get a few done.

        My hopes for this month is that I can get alot of stuff produced and posted on the blog and have some news(hopefully good) posted up about some personal stuff happening so stay tuned.
                                              Hope You Enjoy