Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Graphic Goodness

     Happy Holiday folks! I've got something special for you guys, wanna guess what it is( just read the title)..... yep you guessed it GRAPHIC GOODIESSSSS!!!! It's been awhile since I've had anything graphic related and since I've been on break I realized there some stuff I did almost a year ago that I never posted( what a shame). Well folks here some magic.
           Top one is a design I did for a contest and the goal was to design a poster for a fictional event. I wanted the design to be simple and clean, but yet somewhat dramatic. I think the green on black look really makes the design pop and the floral brushes I used gave it a nice touch of nature. The image in the center is a photo of my soon to be future ex-wife, Emmy Rossum(Mmmmm that woman).                                                    
 What I love most about playing around in Photoshop is all the cool ass design tricks I end up making up. For example these three are all products of a design process I've made up & I'm lovin how smoothly rendered they come out lookin. 

                                                                                      Gotta show that (Deep River) Utada Love. This was the first image I used when I started to experiment.

           Well lovely folks as always
                                    Hope You Enjoy

Sunday, December 1, 2013


     It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmmmaaasssss!!!!! How was everyone Thanksgiving? Can't believe today is the first of December with only a few days left of 2013(Damn time sure did past by).

 So happy to be back home for a bit to finally get some chill time before I go back to drawing boot camp( and draw some more damn still lives), but before that let me share with you guys the wonderful( exhaust written) stuff I've done for the past three months at SCAD.
First assignment in drawing class was to sight and measure(it's a fancy art trick) some random objects.

A still life assignment using contour lines.
Perspective drawing of the front of the classroom(still not great at it)

 Another damn still life but with value...VALUE!!!
Our teacher had the brilliant notion to do a Halloween themed still life in class(yay for us) sadly this had to be done in charcoal and some stuff called conté(that crap was not fun)
This was my final drawing for the class and part of it was to write a quick story that included at least three of the objects you drew in it( this was the best part out of this whole assignment)(I'll post the story for you guys soon)).
                                      Out of all the projects we did in my design class this is the only one I'm proud enough to keep and show you guys cause the rest were pure crap(I hate having to do abstract art), but the whole point behind the design was to show equivocal space(equal positive & negative) in the design.
        These drawings were for a design project involving animals transforming into architect(as you can see I'm not show that shit storm). Part of the process was to draw some of the taxidermy animals we have in the school as inspiration ( the weirdest thing I've ever had to draw)do you know how creepy it is having dead heads looking at you?)).
I loved how the beetle(which was my animal I transformed)  came out & I kind of find it ironic that I drew the scorpion on my birthday(damn that inner scorpion in me).
Hey remember what I said about the animals being the weirdest thing I've ever drawn(yay you member) well I take that back; figure drawing is the weirdest thing to draw( I don't particularly mind drawing women(for the obvious reasons),but drawing dudes is just odd) .
 The first four done in blue were drawings done from my first figure drawing class ever.

                                                                    This one looks deformed(especially the boobs)
 Getting better


                                                       Much better

                                    Some faces of the models.
 Only had two minutes to draw these poses so expect missing limbs( I'm slow okay)

Not happy how the tattoo came out(and the lady had some pretty intricate looking ones), but I do like how the face turned out.
            Well hope you guys get a kick out of this because there is plenty of more stuff I have to share with you guys but until then
Hope You Enjoy 

Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Going Home

      Hallelujah, Thank You Baby Jesus!!!!! Today I get to go back home after 10 grueling weeks of SCAD Boot Camp(so much damn drawing). 5 solicited weeks of well damn deserved rest(I'm so damn tired of drawing props in a class room hours at a time)and time to draw stuff that wasn't in a classroom(seriously you absolutely have no comprehension of how tired I am of drawing props in a classroom at 3oclock in the morning). 
            So I know I haven't posted much of anything related to SCAD artwork(believe me there's plenty to show), and I originally planned to keep you guys updated on a weekly basses, but things just got rolling and the computer room in the dorms are always so damn packed that I just opted to wait until now. So here yah go folks a taste of the crap I've been doing since September 16!

1st SCAD Drawing EVAH

 More to come later


                   Hope You Enjoy!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Days Of Future Past

       Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry; Even if this movie sucks so badly(Not like X-Men Origins: Wolverine that was just a mess) I would just watch it for the incredible ensemble of actors for this destined to be Great Movie! I do like the new suits there nicely designed, but My only issue is what was wrong with the leather suits?
                                   Hope You Enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

19 Baby

Today marks the day that I have lived 19 glorious years on this world. HELL YEAH!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Taste

        Songs from my awesome collection that I played during my first show LIVE on SCAD ATLANTA Radio!!!  Make sure to catch me again next week on my BIRTHDAY!!!

                                 Hope You Enjoy
                        7 More days til my Birthday                            

Listen to Me

      REMINDER EVERYONE I'll be starting my DJ rotation for SCAD Atlanta Radio today at 12:00pm until 2:00pm. Go & listen to me say stuff  LIVE.

Here's the link to SCAD ATL Radio once there just click LISTEN.
                                  Hope You Enjoy!
                                         At 12pm!

                       7 more days til my Birthday

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is sick, loven the Tronish music and the visual is unworldly.

                                 Hope You Enjoy
                       9 more days til my Birthday

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I"M A DJ !!!

That's right I'm am Officially a DJ for SCAD Atlanta Radio so check me out fumble, joke, sing and God only knows what else weekly on Thursday at 12pm-2pm starting October 17.
                                   Hope You Enjoy.
                          14 more days til my Birthday

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Did you do this Summer?

     What's up everybody remember those times when I use too post stuff on this blog( Yeah I know 4 months is like 40 years Internet standards)?
         Here's a quick update of stuff I've been up to for the past 4(On the verge to 5)months( Besides watching a buttload of movies & mind numbing amount of T.V.)

A Drawing of a Emmy Rossum(Future Ex-wife) photo I started back on July 13 and to this day it's still
Her look is coming along nicely.


"Wilfred" Is one of my all-time favorite shows I've ever watched.  It's a great show for ingenious crude humor & its perplexing mystery of "Who the hell Is Wilfred?"  
 A quick drawing I did while waiting for a hair cut. The idea was to do a framed comic book/storyboard look( Maybe; hell I don't remember).

    One of my goals to do when I was drawing was to try & combine more of my graphic design skills into my drawings to make it more like poster designs.
          Here's a drawing I did of a print when I at Micheal's looking for a job(Sadly nothing didn't happen).

Quick drawing of some little toy( I think it maybe from Skylanders) I did while I was in Targé. I swear I got some mean mugs from some of those soccer moms.
I had know idea Mr.Warburton( Creator of the SOOPER SERIES KIDS.NEXT.DOOR.(KND)) had a freakin blog(I know right). One day I was looking him up a BAM there it is. On there he has a step by step guide to drawing Numbuh 1 and I seriously mean it's easy.


My sick sense of humor has no bounds.
He's watching it on a MAC(get it?)

               If you have Nicktoons then you've probably seen the little 30 sec clip of artist from shows drawing a character from the show they work on; the one I watched was Butch Hartman( Creator of FairlyOdd Parents, Danny Phantom, and Tuff Puppy(that one is a pretty lame show)) doing Cosmo.
I messed up on Cosmo's Hair so badly( of course this wasn't necessary, but) that I basically made Cosmo a crack-fiend(He looks funnier this way).
I love Chris Sanders alot so this is me trying to attempt to draw the animals the same way he does(It looks pretty damn good to me).

I went back to Franklin, Tn again and while I was up there me & my aunt went to this Barbecue place and while we waited I got my aunt to draw something with me( Isn't  it beautiful?)

This one was is cool little designed drawing I worked up that I did in the backseat.


           I keep having the urge to call it Biophilia because it has this rockin techno look to it and if you play "Cosmogony" by Björk, it has this cool ethereal thing going to boost the look.

        Well that's all I have for you right know so until the next time
                                      Hope You Enjoy
oh crap I forgot to mention that I'm posting this LIVE FROM SCAD!!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

2nd Year of Being Animated

          TWO years now since I started Highly Animated!!!! I honestly can't believe that this thing got  started back in 2011(Oh so long ago) when I just started 11th grade and now in a few weeks I'll be starting COLLEGE(OH MY GOD this was a short ass Summer!). It's been awhile since I posted anything artsy related so I'll post something soon(eventually).I hope to get more stuff here for this year and share my journey at SCAD.

                           Hope You Enjoy Another Year!

Friday, May 24, 2013


    As of 10:45A.M. I left MCEACHERN High School as a honors graduate with a GPA of 3.859(6 A's, 2 B's) class rank of 49 out of 520 and a SEXY ASS TAN.
                  This last school year has been one of the most eventful of school years both personally and creatively; I've met people who have supported and encourage me and people who've tried to break and conform me into something I'm not. I've achieved goals that I worked hard for since 8th grade and made failures that I'm happy I made during 12th grade. Even though I'm happy my ass is out of that crazy school I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss some people from that school. I had such an amazing time in Theater class(Loved both my teacher and class)  my Calculus class(Lot of memories in there) and last, but not least my Graphic Design class( best 4 years of high school).
               So getting past all the sentimental stuff my Plans for this Summer is A.) Get a J.O.B., B.) Enjoy the Summer and Live, and Finally  C.) DRAW.
                                  Hope You Enjoy
                            Long Live Class Of 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Today Is Finally the day that "The Great Gatsby" comes out in Theaters(YAY!)!!!

I really can't wait to see this movie, when the majority of people were going crazy to see Iron Man 3(That was a waste of my time) I was getting pumped for this. I'm pretty sure like me your high school lit teacher assigned you to read this book( I remember I went to two different bookstores and the book was still $15 freakin dollars.). Out of all the books we read in that class(Scarlet Letter was torture) this book was actually entertaining.

When our class got assigned Gatsby I was looking forward to reading it because I was already aware they were filming it back in November(2011) so I had a better visualization of how each character looked. The casting to me looks well done, You can't go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio(Catch Me If You Can), Toby Maguire(Spiderman of course),  and Carey Mulligan( Must watch "An Education", "Drive", & "Shame" she great), but the only thing I wasn't crazy about at first was the guy who was playing Tom Buchanan( Joel Edgerton). When I read it I visualized Tom Buchanan to look more like Dominic West( Chicago & Mona Lisa Smile), but after seeing some of Edgerton's scenes I'm getting cozy with him as the asshole Tom. So the moment I see the movie for myself I'll make sure to tell you what I thought.

Hope You Enjoy Old Sports

Saturday, April 20, 2013


I Am Proud To Say I Have Been Accepted into the Savannah College Of Art & Design to study Animation(HELLS YEAH BITCHES). I'm Really Proud of myself for this amazing accomplishment and knowing SCAD has been my Dream College Since the 8th Grade(yeah it's been that long) is immensely crazy to me.

   Now I know you guys might assume that I'm automatically going  to SCAD but SCAD was'nt the only place I applied to. I am also very proud to say that I Have Been Accepted to Memphis College of Art(MCA) and The School Of Visual Arts(SVA) which is all the way up in NEW YORK FREAKIN CITY(How Awesome is That!?).

           It's great to know you get accepted into one school but its sure damn rewarding knowing that you've been accepted into multiple places giving you the option to choose which school you want to go to for a good ole edumacation. For the last 3 months(Oops I forgot to mention I found out back in February(Just did'nt want to say anything until know))I've had a real hard time deciding which place is THE ONE and at this point I'm gonna have to decide where my commitment goes to, is it my dream college SCAD, Is it MCA(at this moment NAH) or Is it SVA(This place is really lookinn good too) it's so damn hard(WHY DAMN IT WHY). Well I'm gonna have to choose at this point so I think I'll be making my final decision by Sunday(DUN DUN DDDDUUUNNNN). I feel wherever I choose to further purse my education I'll be completely satisfied with my decision.
                                    Hope you Enjoyed
      Stay Tuned for the Exciting Conclusion to this Nail Biting Saga

Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge Ends Now...FAILED

   So you remember that whole month of drawing challenge I said I was going to take( you member right?) well I tried my best, but in the end I failed. I'm really disappointed by the fact that when I started this challenge I was under the impression that the month of March was going to be a real laid back month but in reality it was a busy ass month(and I mean Busy). Week after week there was always something happenning in one of my classes; projects rangeing from Anatomy, Brit lit and Government(I hated each and everyone of them) so because  I was too tired to draw each and every day I was only able to get a few done.

        My hopes for this month is that I can get alot of stuff produced and posted on the blog and have some news(hopefully good) posted up about some personal stuff happening so stay tuned.
                                              Hope You Enjoy