Sunday, January 4, 2015

First New Year Drawing!

    1st NEW DRAWING OF THE YEAR(YAY)!!! So it has been a whole year since I started the 365 sketchbook & I'm Fu*%ing glade that's over with. So as I said before in the GraphicArts post; this year i'll be posting more drawings and other artwork like this that will have more thought and effort put into it along with stuff happening at school.
        The idea for this drawing started with just drawing the lovely lady in the one piece outfit, but after watching Homeland I eventually did a  street ally background that could be in Islamabad(hopefully) . The design was inspired by the new Gwen Stacy Spider Woman costume & I think it came out great especially the leading ladies face( not to girly & a killer hair cut).
        I think the only things I would work on are making the lines a tad bit more darker and adding more value, but other than that I did an amazing drawing. So until later
                                  Hope You Enjoy