Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Just a little something to make up for the lack of daily drawings, Robo Knight in his shiny ass glory . Gotta say Power Rangers MegaForce was a massive step forward in the right direction after that bitter taste Samurai left in my mouth. And it got even better last Saturday when Power Rangers Super MegaForce Premiered( Loved The SHIT out of it)!! Oh I forgot to mention that

     I GOT ME SOME SUPER MEGA RANGERS( I am uber geeking out right now)

                                                         SUPER MEGAFORCE YELLOW!


Atlanta's The Place To Be

      Had  an incredible time here in Atlanta last week(before it became a winter wonderland again) because aTVfest was  going on and it was a fucking BLAST( especially Friday). Just so you know aTVfest is a three-day celebration of all things television chalk full of panels & screenings hosted by SCAD. Anyway I got tickets to some of the shows and had a great time at most(MOST not ALL(some of them were surprisingly boring)) of the panels.
    First Day of aTVfest I went to the "The World of Cartoon Network" where they were screening exclusive never before aired episodes of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa & Rick and Morty.                                                                       

    Honestly I was pretty bored of the whole thing; not a fan of Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa or Rick and Morty what so ever, then on top of it I was already tired from working on a project that was due earlier that day( procrastination is a bitch). The panel with Fred Seibert(Frederator Studios) wasn't half bad.

  After working on a design project for 7hours that was due at 8am( again procrastination is a bitch) went straight to the acting for television panel. Sadly I forgot to bring my Olympus camera cause I was in a rush(That's why there's a crappy picture on the side), but MY GOD it was  INCREDIBLE. Had no clue that  Tamara Tunie(Law & Order: SVU), Emily Bett Rickards(Arrow) & Orlando Jones(I had no idea it was him until after the panel(First thing I thought was Sweet Potato POPS))plus some other no name people where attending.  Learned a lot of good tidbits to take with me. 

                                       Thought I was going to be late for this but luckily the thing started almost fifteen minutes later(Alright). The Ceelo Green's The Good Life Panel was so damn cool, him and the Goodie Mob where all there and man where people going crazy for them. The Good Life is basically a show with them and there many ridiculous misadventures( Think of Curb Your Enthusiasm(Which by the way is a hilarious show)) and by the preview it doesn't look half bad.

Ceelo & Big Gipp

Big Gipp & T-Mo

T-Mo & Khujo

     Now the real magic happened all after the panel when everybody from here to Nova Scotia was try to get a picture from them (ESSPECIALLY from Ceelo) and of course I was one of them.  I really can't describe how hard it was to get a picture from this man, hell ever second it was picture, switch, picture, switch, picture, switch ( It was a never ending cycle). This is how damn close to him I was when I tried to meet him.
Seriously wasn't kidding as to how close I was
        Found out that he had to leave in a few minutes so it was crucial I get a pic so I did what any rational person would do I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if I could get a picture with him...
      And when you ask nicely you get the last photo with Mr. Ceelo Green at the good life panel. He really is as cool as he seems on T.V., but I was genially shocked by how tall he was(I knew he was short but you know), but man does he have a hellova of a handshake(damn)!

     After that I waited for a few hours and went to the HBO screening of their new series Looking. The show wasn't horrible by any means it was just that I wasn't really interested in the whole premise of the show ;a group of gay friends living in San Francisco. Only reason I went was to see it was to see Jonathan Groff, this guy was on the season 2 cast of my favorite show that ended way to soon BOSS. God I am still pissed off that it got cancelled and the show was still good to go at least 2 more seasons.

                                                                                         Anyway way
  after the screening the cast of the show came out for the Q&A where I got to ask Johnathan a more Boss related question than Looking. Man it's funny how nervous I was when I was trying to ask him my question, but I was all chilled and relaxed when it came to Ceelo (weird). Might be because he worked with Kelsey Grammer( hell I would love to work with that man).

I swear the guy on the left is staring into my soul

 After the Q&A I got to meet Johnathan and take an awesome pic with him.
Yep that day was a really good Friday, wish I could say the same for the Nickelodeon panel I went to.
There wasn't anything new that I hadn't already learned our thought about since I've been trying to develop my own series. But to keep it fair here's some photos I took.

Priceless shot of crazy ass face
 Well I hope you guys liked this little adventure I had and appoligizes for missing 2weeks worth of daily drawings its been crazy having to make up all these missed classes, Damn the winter apocalypse. I try to get some more stuff posted soon but until then
Hope You Enjoy

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 33 of 365

                   Denver got there asses whooped last night( Seahawks demolished the bronco's asses)
                                        Day 33 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Day 32 of 365

                                        Day 32 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Day 31 of 365

                                        Day 31 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Day 30 of 365

                                       Day 30 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Day 29 of 365

                                        Day 29 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy

Day 28 of 365

                                       Day 28 of 365
                                      Hope You Enjoy