Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

                                       Happy Halloween
                               Hope You Enjoy

Monday, October 29, 2012

What a week

Last week was an amazing week, I turned 18, school was extremely enjoyable(Less stress, More laughs) and I pretty much partied myself to a frenzy. But most importantly I got a BUTTload of drawings done(YAY).
I've recently been outrageously inspired by  this awesome artist named Phil Noto. He has such a great sense of style when it comes to this very detailed, but yet simplified realistic drawings with a vintage aesthetic.
Back on Tuesday I went to Home Goods and as always they had some fantastic paintings that were so pleasing that I had to take some sketches of them(luckily this sketch book is small enough for me to bare carrying inside).

Because in Lit class we've finally finished our summer reading essays, we got to chill out and watch this movie called "First Knight" starring Richard Gere("Pretty Woman") and Sean Connery(You should know who he is). So far this movie is pretty good, I've always been enchanted(see what I did there?) with the whole Knights of the Round tales and all the cool ass armor they wore so during the movie I did this sketch based off of King Arthur's armor.
While I was scrambling with ideas for my next assignment in art, I remembered how much I love the "Tree of Life" that I decided to use one of the scenes as a reference Also I've been trying out the whole black bar wide screen thing to give it more of a cinematic feel.
Finally after going to this football game I stayed over a friends house and I started working on this little thing.
   I say she is some kind of Shaman women because of the look of her face so I added some smoke behind her to give it the mystic ceremony thing going on. 
So that's it for me so until next time.
Hope You Enjoy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The 18th Birthday

Today I offically turned 18, no longer a young teen, but now a young adult. It's so werid, I think back how a year ago I posted I was 17 on this very blog. Thinking about what happens next is equally exciting as hell and scary as shit, but we shall see what happens. I'll be posting some stuff  this Friday and Saturday, I have alot of good stuff to post.
                                Hope You Enjoy

I think this is a rant?

Ok so this year we have a new art teacher for our art class and It's safe to say after 3 months I STRONGLY DISLIKE HIM. My problem with him is that he doesn't teach anything, I feel so abandon when it comes to the student teacher relationship. There is no guidance from him and when he does "instruct" I just dread the moment, it's just "you're doing this wrong" or "you do it this way" with no clear direction as to how(You get the idea?). This happened last week,  I turned in this project for class and he starts telling me all the things that are wrong with it and starts telling me what I should have done. Now I'm not going to say I'm extremely proud of it because I'm not, it's OK(Looked much better before it got colored(Pastel Chalk is hard to use)). The main issue I had was him critiquing my choice of colors.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuffed up

I'm full of flem right now so these are just some drawings I've done nothing to special

This super crappy Batgirl sketch(I'm so not lovin the bats)
A little idea I thought of during my time in Tennessee, doing a series of drawings inspired by 60's and 70's fashion. I think this could be a fun little project since I'm fascinated with these two time periods.
Now this was my first finished portrait(I know there are plenty of things wrong with her/him(I have no idea if it's a girl or guy),but I like the finished product) for AP Drawing and I love the people in my class, but I can't stand the new art teacher(I really dislike the guy).
                                          Hope You Enjoy!