Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I think this is a rant?

Ok so this year we have a new art teacher for our art class and It's safe to say after 3 months I STRONGLY DISLIKE HIM. My problem with him is that he doesn't teach anything, I feel so abandon when it comes to the student teacher relationship. There is no guidance from him and when he does "instruct" I just dread the moment, it's just "you're doing this wrong" or "you do it this way" with no clear direction as to how(You get the idea?). This happened last week,  I turned in this project for class and he starts telling me all the things that are wrong with it and starts telling me what I should have done. Now I'm not going to say I'm extremely proud of it because I'm not, it's OK(Looked much better before it got colored(Pastel Chalk is hard to use)). The main issue I had was him critiquing my choice of colors.
So my intent was to portray these two as the same person, the one on the left(red) was her calm and at peace with herself the right(blue) is how she truly feels inside, just sad. Now he started going on on how red symbolizes rage, blood, hatred,blah blah blah. Now I know that red usually(let me repeat that"USUALLY") symbolizes that, but when he kept talking it just sounded like that is the only way to portray the color which I find ludicrous because color is very subjective, my interpretation of a color is not the same as the general meaning. I think of red sometimes as a cool somewhat mysterious color. So his comment just pissed me off for most of the day after that class.

But I found this video and hearing his story just made me say "Thank you it's just not me!" He had the same problem with this kind of teacher and I just really lifted me up. I would love to have him as my teacher, wouldn't you too? So on that note

Hope You Enjoy

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