Friday, May 24, 2013


    As of 10:45A.M. I left MCEACHERN High School as a honors graduate with a GPA of 3.859(6 A's, 2 B's) class rank of 49 out of 520 and a SEXY ASS TAN.
                  This last school year has been one of the most eventful of school years both personally and creatively; I've met people who have supported and encourage me and people who've tried to break and conform me into something I'm not. I've achieved goals that I worked hard for since 8th grade and made failures that I'm happy I made during 12th grade. Even though I'm happy my ass is out of that crazy school I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss some people from that school. I had such an amazing time in Theater class(Loved both my teacher and class)  my Calculus class(Lot of memories in there) and last, but not least my Graphic Design class( best 4 years of high school).
               So getting past all the sentimental stuff my Plans for this Summer is A.) Get a J.O.B., B.) Enjoy the Summer and Live, and Finally  C.) DRAW.
                                  Hope You Enjoy
                            Long Live Class Of 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby

Today Is Finally the day that "The Great Gatsby" comes out in Theaters(YAY!)!!!

I really can't wait to see this movie, when the majority of people were going crazy to see Iron Man 3(That was a waste of my time) I was getting pumped for this. I'm pretty sure like me your high school lit teacher assigned you to read this book( I remember I went to two different bookstores and the book was still $15 freakin dollars.). Out of all the books we read in that class(Scarlet Letter was torture) this book was actually entertaining.

When our class got assigned Gatsby I was looking forward to reading it because I was already aware they were filming it back in November(2011) so I had a better visualization of how each character looked. The casting to me looks well done, You can't go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio(Catch Me If You Can), Toby Maguire(Spiderman of course),  and Carey Mulligan( Must watch "An Education", "Drive", & "Shame" she great), but the only thing I wasn't crazy about at first was the guy who was playing Tom Buchanan( Joel Edgerton). When I read it I visualized Tom Buchanan to look more like Dominic West( Chicago & Mona Lisa Smile), but after seeing some of Edgerton's scenes I'm getting cozy with him as the asshole Tom. So the moment I see the movie for myself I'll make sure to tell you what I thought.

Hope You Enjoy Old Sports