Saturday, December 6, 2014


        GOOD GOD!!! This took forever to edit(This is one of the fucked up parts about having a computer screen that makes everything look brighter than it is!).
        In an effort to make my shizznit look "prettier" and not being that great as a colorist( Strike that who the hell am I fooling I suck at it) I'm playing to my strengths & trying to present artwork that has more visual flare to it.
       It's almost the end of the 365 sketchbook & thank God that's almost over(doing theses sketches along with the sketches done this past semester in school has depleted me of all life ), so officially starting 2015 I'm posting more drawings and other artwork like this that will have more thought and effort put into it & also I'll be posting more stuff from school because starting this January I'll be in my 1st ANIMATION CLASS(Huzza!)!!! As always
                                     Hope You Enjoy!

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