Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Summer Dump!

Well first off let me say Hello! How was everyone's summer vacation? I had a pretty decent one, went to see some movies(Ted, Prometheus, Avengers, and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES), got so much needed rest(Oh  how I miss it) went out of town to Tennessee(that little adventure is a completely different post I'll get to) and most importantly I DREW YAY!!!! Now before you click on the "Read More" let me say sorry for the complete desertion on my part, after working so hard on projects and finals I was pretty much wiped out, so this summer was devoted to chilling out and just drawing for the sake of it. I planned on posting this last week, but last week was my first week as a SENIOR(OH YEAH!! WORD TO YA MUTHA) and that was hectic as hell so yeah......Here's a boat load of drawings I did during the summer

 So this summer I had this unbelievable crush on this actor, Emmy Rossum. Oh my God she is Beautiful, a beautiful smile, beautiful Face, beautiful voice I just had to draw her. If you have no idea who she is (like I did) watch this show called "Shameless".
These are some color pencil study drawing I did because I have such a hate for them that I need to improve on.


Fun fact did this while watching "Breaking Bad" marathon(I'm obsessed with it OK)

As you can see I like Power Rangers(There's not much to say..... except Samurai Sucks alot) 
I was so excited to see Prometheus that I ended up doing some alien/ Sci-Fi related stuff

Funny that I drew this on July 4, the same day I saw Prometheus, but any way a whole lot of nothing mainly a Catwomanish drawing done in ink.
I love how the woman's face came out cause I was in a moving truck when I did this listening to the "Exodus" album by Utada, the structure above was somewhere near the airport that I tried to draw, and the faceless model was done the day before my Senior photo shoot for the year book.

One of the drawings I did while I was in Tennessee (A story for another day)                                           

These where also done in Tennessee, but I used this book called "The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head" a wonderful book for different head shapes and shading. After I saw "The Dark Knight Rises"(Watch it DAMN IT) I had to draw something to get my Batman GEEKINESS out of me.


                                  Hope You Enjoy!

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