Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge Begins...NOW

What's up everybody how's it going(I"M SO DAMN TIRED)!? I'm proud to say that of March 1st till March 30th I'll be taking part in the 30 Day Drawing Challenge!!!What's that you ask well little billie( seriously I'm losing my mind more than usual cause of the lack of sleep I've had this week so bare with me and the attempt to be funny) well the whole idea of the challenge is to draw something everyday whether is unbelievable detailed or extremely simple just DRAW.
       I'm really happy to do this because I learned about this thing  maybe two years ago and I really wanted to do it but for some reason I never did it. Just because the challenge says draw everyday it doesn't mean draw randomly everyday(which isn't a bad thing) it means that everyday there will be a new subject to draw about per day and to start it off its draw "Yourself"
Let me just say this does not truely represent how I look(Second time I ever tried to draw myself).
I'll post the Day2-9 drawing next week until then
Hope You Enjoy

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