Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years everybody, The first post of 2012! Hope everyone had a great holiday and having a great new year so far. My holiday was pretty good, still enjoying my vacation and got some nice gifts. So before I talk about anything else let me talk about my absence during November and most of December. Well first back in November I was assigned to read "The Scarlet Letter" for my Lit Class and it took me until around Thanksgiving to finish that. That book WAS SO FREAKING BORING, honestly what is so interesting about it? It took so much of my will power to not to fall asleep. Once we came back from that break It was time to focus on Mid-Terms and that took most of my concentration.

Now that all the craziness has somewhat died down, I have a little time to get some drawings done and I'm almost done with the Nu52DC drawings( The same one I said I ways doing back in...August?) right now I'm almost done with Nightwing and I just finished doing a thumbnail of Red Hood 
So far I don't like doing thumbnail drawings before actually drawing the main work, It feels too time comsuming just to do that than getting right into the main artwork and really getting to see the small details.
All this done on a stickynote, I'm proud of that fact.   

Hope You Enjoy.   

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