Sunday, October 5, 2014

October BABY!!!

So freakin happy it's finally October! The weather gets cooler, the sky looks prettier( things just feel better) & most importantly....MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Best time of the year will always be the month I was born in(Scorpio POWAH). Here's a couple of drawings, nothing major.
 Playing around with Batgirl's traditional look & adding my two cents like her costume(And no this is not retaliation against the new costume that was announced), hair & chin( gave her that clef chin that Jessica Chastain has(Grrrrrr)).
 This guy was fun to make up,definitely diggin the costume. It should be Obvious he is a rejected Power Ranger who couldn't get on the show(But still looks badass).
Well that's it for today I'll have some more stuff to post later, until then
Hope You Enjoy
19 More Days Til My Birthday

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