Monday, May 4, 2015

Boom Tune Lounge

   To be totally honest with you guy's I have no idea how I have never posted this design before now(really I don't).  So lets just pretend this has been posted a year and a half ago  okay?
       If you don't know already I host a radio show on SCAD Atlanta Radio called (wanna guess what it is) Boom Tune Lounge; a show featuring pop, rock and rnb songs from folks like Utada Hikaru, Kendra Morris, Kimbra, Ohland & Gotye. As of now it has been a complete year since I started the show and I glad the show is still going strong. So if you ever have time come listen to the show on SCAD Atlanta Radio at 12pm -2pm every Thursday.

                                      Hope You Enjoy!

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