Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 2 Over

Yes it's the end of the school week and time for the WEEKEND(yay). It's so sad that I already can't wait for our first break and it's only the SECOND FREAKING WEEK OF SCHOOL. So sad. Since I finally have time to sleep longer than 7 o'clock(*_*) in the morning I have a pretty good idea as to my first blog project. So if you don't know already DC Comics is relaunching all their comics and starting off fresh with 52 new issue 1's. That's from  redesigns of classic costumes and storylines and alot more other stuff. Personally I'm kinda excited about some of the designs and storys being told,but at the same time what scares me is the continuity. I've recently started reading comics for about two years now and the first comic I pick was Teen Titans. What got me to pick it up was artwork, then the story. So to me even though i don't know much about the history it does'nt feel right that it's going to be less relevant if that makes sense.

Anyway the comics I'm planning on getting are

                                     Nightwing and Red Hood & the Outlaws
                                     Teen Titans and Batgirl
(You can see how all of them are connected to Batman right:) So what I want to do is draw the character(s) of each issue hopefully by next week. We'll see what happens . Heres the commercial of the "New52"  
Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous T-Girl said...

i'm looking forward to Supergirl.

Is that your artwork at the top of your blog, behind the title? If so, i really like it.

BluePrint said...

Anonymous T-Girl-First I would like to say thank you for being the first to comment on my blog (awesomeness to you) and also thank you for the kind words to my artwork:) I drew each and every one of them. So far Supergirl’s costume I’m not use to yet, but Superman’s I’ll never get used to. Also you have a very cool blog.