Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day

How's everyone enjoying President's Day? Well let me get started on the SCAD Day thing that happen almost a month ago, The experience was amazing I was just amazed at what the school had to offer like the classes especially the animation class. Man I was blown away; being able to actually see drawings done by Glen Keane (if you don't know who that is then Google him) was great. All was going well until I went to the portfolio review meeting, that's when my heart went into my stomach.

    So I really have no idea what i'm doing right,but he sure told me what I needed to work on; figure drawing and anatomy was something I all ready knew I had to work on, but working on perspective was one thing and the other thing was technique meaning( this is my own definition, the guy didn't clarify much) the tools I use like HB pencils, colored pencil all that good stuff. Now I don't agree with everything the man said, but one of the admission councilor told me that because I'm still a junior I have more time to improve compared to the others who are seniors about to graduate, so that comfort me abit.
             Of course when everything was going well I ended up spraining my left big toe. I don't want to get into the details, but the son of a bi%@! hurted the first week; now its getting better,but still hurts. So once I was able to bare the pain; I went straight to work so this is what came to me          
The building took awhile to do, but I think it came out well, this was inspired by a character from some game( Last of Us maybe) The girl was very ugly to me so I'm happy the face was fine. I think it took a week to get this done and I used a mechanical and HB pencil
Also while I was waiting for a haircut I started working on this. Originally it was just me practicing on sideview, but it eventually turned into a singer's delight/ jazz type of thing. Took maybe 2hrs18min(2days) I spent in total on this while using my Col-Erase red pencil. I'm currently working on a Final Fantasy drawing that I hope comes out decent.

Hope you Enjoy


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