Sunday, March 4, 2012

Field Trip

Hey everyone how's it going; I'm doing pretty well, teenage puppy love and all that school drama goin on in the air. Currently I'm still working on the Final Fantasy drawing(took a week away from it, had to deal with "other stuff"). Just by the picture you can probably tell
who it is(if you can't tell then good cause it's not done ya fool).
        Hopefully by Wednesday it might( and of course that's a GIANT @$$ MIGHT) be done, but that's not what I want to talk about; I want to talk about how my first field trip(In High School) was. So a couple of weeks back my Graphic Design Class went to the High Museum in Atlanta(Best city IN THE WORLD) for our field trip and it was the best freakin day evah: the main exhibit was lame to me, but it got better by the time we left that and the incredible over priced gift shop(honestly who the hell would buy a scarf for $150 some odd dollars)there was other insanely inspiring artwork to see and take pictures of course.
 Honestly would you not want that Vader?
Gotta love the view
The status were amazing to look at
Is that not the best random shed of light ever?
So like everyone else felt by the end of the exhibit I am now tried so I'll add the rest of the photos(Yes there's more) later because adding all these photos is hard work and I have to do some last minute studying for a chemistry test tomorrow yay me, yay...(sob)
Hope You Enjoy

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