Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doodles Galore...Again

Hey everybody how's it going? Last week was really a grinder, had to mail out my portfolio and other important stuff for the Rising Star Program at SCAD so I hope I'll get in to that if not I better start looking for a J O B this summer.
   Can't believe that in a few weeks it'll be the last day of school, time sure does fly by. Well here's some random sketches I've done in the last month.  Did this during Spring Break while I was at a fish fry.
Roxy (top) and Raj (right) came out really nicely, the intention was to try out different head shape in my every so evolving style.

Also this past Saturday me and few others stayed over my friends house for his 17th Birthday party ( It surprises me that I'm the oldest among our little frat pack) and while they were playing in a competitive game of Pokemon cards(yeah not kidding) me and a friend were drawing. This is what I did  

Yeah there was no real direction with this, and please disregard the HORRIBLE Batman head.
Hope You Enjoy

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