Saturday, September 8, 2012

Got the BLUES

Really overwhelmed by this whole college process. So much to do and so little time; there's so much happening all at once and I need it to just slow down a little. I really need a place where I'm alone and just let my thoughts roam. God I can't wait till this is over. Sorry to dump all this on here, I just needed to write something.

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Jersain Gonzalez said...

I know this post is (over) a month old by now, but just a few days ago I was talking with the mother, saying I reeeally need a minimum of 1 week away (and I mean A-W-A-Y) from everything to just... recuperate... She said "why don't you and your friends go to the beach for a weekend, or go camping?"
Honestly, if it were the usual group of 5... I think we'd end up dead. BUT how would I know? :P