Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Graphic Goodies

Hey everybody how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was decent but by God it could have been longer, but enough of that I've got some photoshop goodies to share.
Okay If you remember back during the long hot summer I posted this (on the left) after I saw the movie Prometheus, and by golly this movie was fantastic. I remembered a few weeks that when I found the image of Charlize Theron's character(What a B$#CH she was) I also found the image of Michael Fassbender's character( That crazy son of a B%$CH)(On the Right).

Now I love looking at both of them but the only issue I have is I can never remember how the Hell I did them, It's frustrating not knowing what did I do to get this result.

Out of my list of female actors I find attractive; Emma Watson and Keira Knightley are two of them( A woman with a British dialect is pretty sexy to me).

The notion behind the Watson design was to make it fell like a ad design for a French perfume. Maybe I added some more stuff to it it could stress the idea a little more.

 I think this could pass as a little pop art-ish( or at least influenced) right?

Now This photo was taken by this fantastic photographer named Kayleigh June[link]. This is such a stunning photo that I used it to try out something new on PhotoShop. I encourage you to check out her deviant art page[link]

Hope You Enjoy

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