Sunday, July 20, 2014


 Cheers Folks because today is my 300th post to Highly Animated(YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYY)! To celebrate the moment I wanted to share some drawings that I never did bother to scan & post (my bad) from my sketchbook I started back on August 18 2012 and ended on December 31 2013


From Devil Inside music short
Butterfly study for Grace drawing
Broken Tears concept Drawing
Sherbet Bliss concept Drawing
1st attempt at drawing Starfire, result botched boobs & fugly face
2nd attempt at Starfire, much better results especially with the face

Utada Love

Power Rangers RPM Best Season EVER

Loish style incorporation drawings

My partner in crime, Blue on the bed

Hospital drawing
Hospital drawing of Doctor

Inspired By the Utada song "Traveling"

Inspired by Dick Grayson's NU52 Robin Suit

My Beautiful Future EX Wife, Emmy Rossum

Wilfred would be shooting a birdie

Nu52 Man of Steel
The Dark Knight in Nolan Bat Suit 

Even Though I hate Power Rangers Samurai, they had cool suits
Hope You Enjoy


Tara Porch said...

Haha, really neat selection here!

BluePrint said...

Tara Porch, thanks for the kind words and welcome to the blogging world! Really want to see more of your stuff.