Thursday, July 17, 2014

Showcase & Conceal

     Showcase & Conceal a piece I did  a year back when I was still in the Dicktator on art teachers class(still recovering from the ordeal). I really love how this piece came out.
       Her gown is inspired by a photograph in a magazine I have( don't know where its though) where every time I saw the picture the model is covering her face as though she doesn't want to be seen( hence the conceal part of the name). Then there is a drawing I saw from Jaw Cooper and I love the pose and the girls face(I don't see a lot or draw a lot of beautiful black women so it was a great change up); her face was something you want to look at because its so attractive( Hence the showcase part). Also to reinforce the showcase idea I wanted her to be under the spot light which is why the background is black to give off that idea.
So hope ya guys liked this little number here, it's been awhile since I've done a full out post like this but it was a great change from seeing those damn 365 drawings( ready to get that shit done with) every second so until next time
Hope You Enjoy

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Love it