Monday, August 25, 2014


In celebration of Highly Animated's 3rd year I'd like to tell you a story. Long time ago(last year) I was working on a big secret project that I hinted here and there and for some time consumed my every waking moment(fun times) well that big sooper project was a portfolio for The WB Reach program where you could be awarded both a scholarship and a internship at Warner Brothers studios( awesome right).
        So part of the application was to provide some samples that pertained to my interest in animation; I'm interested in becoming a character designer and a storyboard artist so a did just that. I was already starting to work on my AP art project which was based on Utada's Exodus album so I decided to just create a character based on Utada.

Her look based on her old hair style
Her name actually came out great because Ada means noble/happy
The face is the most important feature for a character, I wanted her to be attractive & distinct and that goes for pretty much every other character I draw. Really proud  how this came out considering how I wasn't use to drawing the same character and then having to do it with different angles.
At that moment it had been awhile since I drew women and certainly never to this extent(definitely a learning curve)
Definitely wasn't good with the expression sheet(dear god these are hideous) glad I didn't include this 
Instead of the god awful expressions I wiped up an attitude sheet for some different poses and an alternate wardrobe

Once I got the designs done(to the best of my ability) I started doing the story boards and I gotta say I do enjoy looking at these(even though this was my first time doing it(and it shows))
I love movies(can't say that enough) and my favorite part of going to the movies is the trailers so I wanted it to be more of an animated drama so I referenced scenes and camera angles from some of my favorite trailers.

Even though I know this is far from professional I thought this was really cool & had that cinematic quality I was looking for (especially when you play the music I chose for the trailer).

Pretty sure it's obvious I didn't get in( I would be fucking bragging about that all day) but I'm truly proud of the material I worked on and the that I tried. This gave me an opportunity to incorporate my way of thinking in to a visual story and push myself at drawing different things(besides a floating head). So again happy anniversary Highly Animated folks.
Hope You Enjoy  

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Tara Porch said...

I think that you did very well for following your dream! Hey, never give up on it, either. Just because you didn't get it then, doesn't mean you won't achieve it later. As in one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" Never forget that. =D