Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Instruction

Well a couple of weeks ago I sent in my entry drawing for the Art Instruction Schools. Don't know what that is? You remember those annoying commercials with the people sharing their thoughts on how the school improved their ability?[link]
  Yeah that one. Some how I actually called them and they mailed me the entry form. The task was to choose one of the three subject and draw it the best you could on the space provided. Here's the one I choose
And Here's Mine
                                       Damn good right?

I'm amazed that I was able to get it that close to the original. Not exactly like the main Chubby,but the essence is there. So hopefully I get something back from them in the next few weeks before my birthday. Also before I forget; I entered a online contest a couple of weeks ago to win the Issue1 of the Nu52 Justice League and this Col Erase color Pencil. Sadly I didn't win,but I am some what proud of it(wish I didn't color it though, It was fine without it). The goal was to draw these characters from this show called the Regular Show and draw them as Batman and Robin.   
Based it off of the Nu52 Batman and Robin Cover because I thought it was really cool. Check the video here [link]
                           Well Hope you Enjoy! 22 days left!

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