Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Man my weekend was crazy;   on Friday I went to a football game that a friend invited me to which i thought was going to be boring,but it actually was fun. I stayed over a friends house after the game(I really don't like sleeping at other peoples houses its weired not being able to do the things you would do in your own home)and i didn't get back to my house for a whole day(left at 4:34p.m. on Friday back home at 4:23p.m. Saturday).
 During the time I was out I got Transfomers Dark of the Moon(SUPER COOL MOVIE. THREE STARS) and FastFive(In the process) also I was trying to find issue 1 of Nightwing, Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws. Found none of them except Nightwing in Barns and Noble,but the book was all bent up I refused to get. Also for the first(and probably the last)time I went into a comic store. Now I'm all for geek stuff, but there is a fine line between interest and nerdge and this place was BORDERLINING the nerdge factor. When you see grown men playing (what sounded like) Dungeons and Dragons you know it's time to get the HELL OUT.  Heres a warm up drawing I did while I was watching the Dark Knight on TBS(WHAT?)
Based on the Kid Missile by Tien Hee
[link] This guy has some really cool drawings(they're out of sight) go check him out [link]

Hope you Enjoy! 14 days Left.

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